Thursday, December 8, 2016

November '16 had been good.

Nice weather even though it was on the colder side.We went out almost everyday : sometimes to the park, sometimes she played in front of the house. We stay in an apartment so it is mostly safe to play, we either go to the park or a basketball court or she rides her bicycle and scooter in front of the house.

We went to frozen yogurt place, to California Science museum, to Home depot and to a Ethiopian restaurant 'Zeni'. I have been trying to grow plants from quiet some time now. I wouldn't say I have been very successful. But these days, much of my flowers are blooming and fruits growing. We were lucky to capture the supermoon this year. It usually cannot be captured in the camera, but this time its visible.

Taking her to the park have been so wonderful for me. Warm sun and the greens make my day. Its usually then that I realize the small pleasures of life, that we strive for but mostly not know it until it comes to us.

November was good for my designing venture also, I have been designing some in as you can see in my previous post. I was able to do some more deisgns in all M, W and child patterns also. Its customizable, so if requested from ravelry. I can design for that size. You can find all my designs at the ravelry shop for a small price.

Near TuttiFrutti

California childrens science museum

Sammy in the Home depot workshop
She made a gingerbread box

We had a project of our own one weekend, all thanks to Home Depot it came out well

Homegrown Camillia

Lime -Home grown
Super Moon that day

Beetroot for dinner

Sammy's capture

She loves pomegranate

Ethiopian Zeni restaurant
Spice tea from Zeni

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  1. What a happening post. Too much fun and activities in one post. You must have enjoyed writing it too. I would really like to see more posts like that.