Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I have a lot of influence from my Amma. She was very smart and forward for the times and she used to whip up anything she put her mind to.

When we were little, my parents let us ( me and my brother ) take up anything we wish to do - as long as its constructive and creative. I had selected - violin classes, painting and drawing. My parents were good at badminton, so that was obvious that we both would get to play badminton. They encouraged us to be friendly and respective of elders.  ( Even though that was more of my father ) in India they say - ' guest is god ', whenever there were relatives at home we used to be in the best of our behaviors. We also had our chores and time for studies. I always thought my parents were laid back, it also seems like they were disciplinary by example. 

There are many happy places in my thoughts ... one of those happy thoughts was my mom humming a song in the kitchen, or when she was working on something. Thats how I see her all the time, for me it was her happiest times.

My mother took up many classes, she also took up fashion designing even though she had already stitched many dresses for me and so much for the home. And she opened a small institute to teach 'Nansu design fashion institute' and she used to teach fashion designing. 

The name nansu - yes, that was my name 'NANdita' and my mother's name 'SUnanda'. So, 'NanSu'. I love it too, so I went on to keep my blogs name as - 'nansu designs' - as my amma is also a part of everything I design or create. 

love always,

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  1. Aww I really love the bonding between you and your mother and this NandSu name derived from yours and your mothers name shows how much you love with your mother.