Sunday, July 31, 2016

A few good things.

That's her chasing around the ducks in Lake Elizabeth.

That's my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

Its been so busy these past few days. Running errands and planning her birthday. And the summer in California is by far the worst I have experienced in 8 years. 

We went to Canada last May. It was quiet relaxing than I expected, I had a good time as Samanvita enjoyed her time -  roaming around with us and swimming in the pool. She said - ' This is fun!' - Her full English sentence for the first time. She loves her 'swimming costume' and she calls them that! and has started going to the pool even after we are back here now in California. 

Everyday its something new, her expression, her new words and her learning - from us or nature or people around us is increasing day by day and we see it happening. It's like a miracle growing very slowly in front of your eyes. 

Even though its been busy and stressful few days - cannot forget about the gods miracles all around us. I am thankful for everyday - because as stressful as it can be, i am happy I have the ability to see beauty and have the ability to recognize the few good things in life.

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