Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Showers and Born Fair Isle knitting patterns

Some new patterns.

These pattern making in www.knittingpatterns.is... has become a new obscession for me. Its like that, every month or two I stick to one or the other activity and I obscess about it... and then let go.

These patterns make me happy . Hope it makes you happy too..

they are like small mirrors to my mood, which keeps swinging and the designs itself comes out to be like the rope used for swinging.

The above pattern is free. You can check my other patterns in ravelry.

I somehow feel the colors in these pictures have come out dull... really it is not that dull in the software itself.

Please note the size of the patterns before you pick it for knitting.

Thank you.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016



KISS simply means Keep It Simple Stupid - thats what my brother told me atleast.

So, one more design done with  knittingpatterns.is

There goes the name being a thing from programming. I cant shake it off. This pattern is for Male size XL. Also its free.

Please check it out... in ravelry

Knit happy.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

November '16 had been good.

Nice weather even though it was on the colder side.We went out almost everyday : sometimes to the park, sometimes she played in front of the house. We stay in an apartment so it is mostly safe to play, we either go to the park or a basketball court or she rides her bicycle and scooter in front of the house.

We went to frozen yogurt place, to California Science museum, to Home depot and to a Ethiopian restaurant 'Zeni'. I have been trying to grow plants from quiet some time now. I wouldn't say I have been very successful. But these days, much of my flowers are blooming and fruits growing. We were lucky to capture the supermoon this year. It usually cannot be captured in the camera, but this time its visible.

Taking her to the park have been so wonderful for me. Warm sun and the greens make my day. Its usually then that I realize the small pleasures of life, that we strive for but mostly not know it until it comes to us.

November was good for my designing venture also, I have been designing some in knittingpatterns.is as you can see in my previous post. I was able to do some more deisgns in all M, W and child patterns also. Its customizable, so if requested from ravelry. I can design for that size. You can find all my designs at the ravelry shop for a small price.

Near TuttiFrutti

California childrens science museum

Sammy in the Home depot workshop
She made a gingerbread box

We had a project of our own one weekend, all thanks to Home Depot it came out well

Homegrown Camillia

Lime -Home grown
Super Moon that day

Beetroot for dinner

Sammy's capture

She loves pomegranate

Ethiopian Zeni restaurant
Spice tea from Zeni

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I am so happy to tell that someone liked and bought my design. Thank you.

I also did couple more designs and this ones for a lady. 

I really love feathers , so that as my object of interest;-), and my color inspiration from this beautiful picture from webshots.com I think.

 I designed Feather Forest. The name seems too literal, but I cant wait to test it.

Thanks again for viewing my other designs in ravelry.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

When I see this sweater it reminds me of my 3 yo.

I have published in my  sweaters here and in ravelry. I have not tested them yet. Please buy the patterns, also let me know if you liked them. May be upload some photos along the way!

thank you.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

These days my garden is growing well, which reminds of the rhyme "mary on the contrary"...because so far till past year my gardening experience had been so so. Lost some nice plants, never got the watering amount and time properly.

indian wear with jasmine
There is a Arabian Jasmine plant which am trying to grow.. I have got only couple of flowers from three years... weird part is there are lot of flowers but the petals seems to be not formed or dried out. If anyone knows what is the reason please help me to bloom this flower properly.

There is a story behind this plant, we used have this plant in the small place in front of house when growing ... I have always smelled it from my room and it takes me to all those years whenever I smell those flowers... I used to pluck these flowers and take them to the room and tie these flowers into a thread and give to my mother..to wear... it used to be the most calm moments on the roof and in the moon light...

Sunday, July 31, 2016

A few good things.

That's her chasing around the ducks in Lake Elizabeth.

That's my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

Its been so busy these past few days. Running errands and planning her birthday. And the summer in California is by far the worst I have experienced in 8 years. 

We went to Canada last May. It was quiet relaxing than I expected, I had a good time as Samanvita enjoyed her time -  roaming around with us and swimming in the pool. She said - ' This is fun!' - Her full English sentence for the first time. She loves her 'swimming costume' and she calls them that! and has started going to the pool even after we are back here now in California. 

Everyday its something new, her expression, her new words and her learning - from us or nature or people around us is increasing day by day and we see it happening. It's like a miracle growing very slowly in front of your eyes. 

Even though its been busy and stressful few days - cannot forget about the gods miracles all around us. I am thankful for everyday - because as stressful as it can be, i am happy I have the ability to see beauty and have the ability to recognize the few good things in life.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I have a lot of influence from my Amma. She was very smart and forward for the times and she used to whip up anything she put her mind to.

When we were little, my parents let us ( me and my brother ) take up anything we wish to do - as long as its constructive and creative. I had selected - violin classes, painting and drawing. My parents were good at badminton, so that was obvious that we both would get to play badminton. They encouraged us to be friendly and respective of elders.  ( Even though that was more of my father ) in India they say - ' guest is god ', whenever there were relatives at home we used to be in the best of our behaviors. We also had our chores and time for studies. I always thought my parents were laid back, it also seems like they were disciplinary by example. 

There are many happy places in my thoughts ... one of those happy thoughts was my mom humming a song in the kitchen, or when she was working on something. Thats how I see her all the time, for me it was her happiest times.

My mother took up many classes, she also took up fashion designing even though she had already stitched many dresses for me and so much for the home. And she opened a small institute to teach 'Nansu design fashion institute' and she used to teach fashion designing. 

The name nansu - yes, that was my name 'NANdita' and my mother's name 'SUnanda'. So, 'NanSu'. I love it too, so I went on to keep my blogs name as - 'nansu designs' - as my amma is also a part of everything I design or create. 

love always,