Friday, October 17, 2014

Rose stamp for fabric printing

Last time I saw the roses in my small garden was sometime back, except when Dixit got some red roses for anniversary, I have not been much successful in blossoming roses past few weeks, even though its summer. Also I have not been successful getting any rose printed fabrics for my quilt. I see 'em everywhere in the quilts so far but very less choices on for sale. So here goes my effort to create some roses of my own. Yeah you guessed it right! I carved a small rose on , to make a fabric painted rose.
Create a rough design and use fork, needle, and a small scissors to cut of the black parts
I used these tools. I poked the lines with the needle. Used a fork or a scissors to cut out the part.  It takes a bit of patience and time. But it will come fine.
The stamp comes out like this. Use fabric paint to paint the top part of the stamp.
Stamp the rose into the necessary spot on your fabric. Its simple and effective way to tie up colours or make the quilt your own or any sewing project your own.