Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Today I completed the long awaited Jacket...

Wineous Jacket


Whenever I see this I  remember grapes , So for me this sweater is wine. Its Simple and its was for a beginner, but I did learn many things in this like garter stitch , changing yarn and knitting with dowble yarns. I also learnt to block as this jacket definately needs blocking and also learnt to improve the design by adding the trims and collar. 

There is one cool trick while joining the seams which I learned from you-tube. Also I taught myself the art of joining the trims by picking up the stitches , she shows both row wise and column wise ..it is pretty straight forward once you start with it.

I have used couple of yarns, not sure I should have done that but it turned out great I guess at the end.... Couple from Martha Stewart collection and one from Lion brand. I totally missed the yardage calculation and had gotten less wool and I bought two more skeins of white and gray. The buttons and inner lining I picked from Jo-Ann's. Oh I have totally forgotten to mention the pick yarn which is from Caron Simply soft medium four ply in Victorian rose. May be I could have done without the pink but somehow its like cherry on top of the ice-cream or fruit salad for me. You will find all the yarn information in the Ravelry website.

 Hand sewed the lining using the white 2 ply yarn so there is flexibility on wearing.

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