Thursday, July 24, 2014

A line frock

A line frock - 18months
Feels like its been sometime I have wanted to blog... if you get into my head, you will wine to see me belaboring ... and postponing ... procrastinators rule! everywhere..gosh!

I started on the fabric my amma got me last summer , she got me three of 'em pink red and blue...does everything happen in threes or is it only me and me hubby!

I thought I would start with a A line frock for Samanvita.. she looks so pretty with her cutey legs flapping ,she walk and hops and tumbles.

And my inspiration being something on course! duh!)
I cut the pattern in haste as putting it into back-burner would not be such good idea. I had a smaller size paper cut of Sammy for sleeve and neck... from the bandana dress I stitched earlier..

When I was cutting the fabric, I thought of using the same paper cuttings with some modification... I had made this paper pattern from a fitting dress like 6 moths back. I cut sleeve and neck for back and front ..

So started stitching it, saw that I needed to make back button strip... made it by memory of how amma had shown me before, it is tough to do it. But still finishing was acceptable as my first time try. Stitched the sleeve and gave like a lining for the bodice from the same clothing. As the cut was just a guess work, the neck seemed a bit big. thought I will just not meddle by re-cutting and started stitching , it was 3 am... thought I would finish up..then the needle broke! (my luck!) So it was definitely a sign to go to bed...

Then in the morning could not wait to put the dress for a trial .. definitely big necked dress! slump....  Decided to fix the needle and finishing the stitching before worrying about the neck size....

Later added some frills in the neck ( as you can see it would have been a really big neck if had not done so). Actually thought it looks kind of cute with the frills. That night when to San Jose ..she was wearing the dress and looked gorgeous.

Samanvita completed a year! Must say we had an amazing year with her... :-) Stitching the crochet dress from scratch with the design in my mind was challenging but it was wonderful to do that and she glided with it making it such a beautiful dress.

Sammy has always looked like Dixit for me! from the beginning ..Do you guys see any resemblance with me and Samanvita...? I looked like this! May be sometimes... right?!

Have a good day..