Saturday, June 28, 2014

Listening to Adele, so beautiful and strong voice.. I hear her talk and she is funny..

I have been busy and seems like today was an eventful day, as we went for tests in for our green card, seems like I felt nothing - or call it indifference, but when it starts to unravel I start becoming ansie u know... we went to chillis and really wanted to just have a burger or sandwich which was like not ever after coming to US, seems so absurd don't you think?

Another week left for Samanvita's birthday... in my mind I want to do soo many things for making it a beautiful day.... we are having a get together with friends and family.. She has been an inspiration to sooo many things. My hope and my motivation.:-)

She is singing Set Fire to the Rain... makes my heart beat faster... my skin has goosebumps when you read the lyrics... I think everyone has such a reaction to music... or its only me!

I am designing and stitching this dress for Samanvita.. my journey has been slow but strong, I had some hundred designs run through my mind..I am having a umbrella skirt and a knitted yoke( may be they call it something else) or crochet yoke... thinking of joining the two and also making it sit well on my LO's body, hopefully I can add a elastic to the woolen and make like tying satin ..

Photos coming up soon...

-Yours PS queen

PS: Come back for more